Video Recording Equipment

The equipment listed below turned out to be very suitable for backcountry trekking adventure. It is suitable to make good takes, can be transported easily, is independent from any kind of power infrastructure, and is robust enough for occasional use.

In times of 4K (UHDTV) a resolution of 720p50 seems a little bit outdated. But keep in mind: The equipment has been purchased in early 2013. Additionally, I do not want to put my whole money into equipment, but gain special experience during traveling, and keep this experience on film.

Video Deployment Equipment

Equipment to create, render and store videos. Suitable for the production of HD videos up to 1080p50, Dolby DTS, and burning of Blu-Ray discs. However, I normally create 720p50 videos to have the possibility to move the detail of the take a little bit or to rectify the view of buildings.


Equipment to present videos in HD with 5.1 sound in middle sized living rooms